What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

A Company With a Famous Last Name

Duncan Auto Body is your repair shop for quality, hassel-free service at affordable prices, but do you wonder about our history?

In the early 1970's, Luther (Dopey Duncan) Gehringer and Robert (Bob) Horvath established our body shop. Gehringer was a man of varied interests. He was a race car enthusiast, local radio personality and rodeo clown. Gehringer was a well-known, respected person in the Lehigh Valley. The partners agreed to name their new auto body shop using Gehringer's stage name "Dopey Duncan". Name recognition, quality workmanship and the best customer service in the valley were the keys to growing their flourishing business.

After Gehringer's retirement, Bob updated the name to Duncan Auto Body to match the evolving market. Over the years the name has changed a bit, but our repair shop is still family owned-and-operated working on those same principles. Michael and Eric Horvath now run the business and still pride themselves on those same key elements.

The Horvath Family purchased a secondary location in Quakertown, formally know as Cliff's Auto Body, in July of 2008. Mike and Eric Horvath knew the former owners, the Mease family and all they had worked to achieve over their 35 years of ownership. The Horvath's decided to restore the garage to it's core values of trained professionals, great customer service and most importantly, being family-owned and operated. The Horvath's share that same set of values in their already established and thriving business, Duncan Auto Body in Allentown.

Today, Duncan Auto Body has two of the largest, family-owned repair shops in the Lehigh Valley and Quakertown. We are your biggest advocates when it comes to insurance claims and getting the settlement you deserve to ensure a perfect repair. By offering the latest technology and professional, dedicated customer service, Duncan Auto Body remains a leader in the industry.